The Honourable Mr. Justice T. Alexander Hickman

The Honourable Mr. Justice T. Alexander Hickman


Objective: Uncover the Truth behind Newfoundland's DARKEST Secret; Who is Marjorie Anstein's Father? Uncover and Expose the hidden Truth behind the Secret. A pack of LawLIARs and public sector crooks have refused to carry out their DUTY to get to the bottom of this. Which is a simple DNA test. The world will find out tuth behind Newfounland's DARKEST secret. Who made Susan Prior Pregnant when she was only an 11 year old in Sept 1966;

In a Grand Bank, Newfoundland Masonic Lodge.

I feel that all Canadians should become incumbint upon holding Harper and all Justice Ministers feet to the FIRE! (on marshmellow sticks) over this issue.

Or else the Royal Family's extended family members running our Government will continue the let their family & buddies pillage & rape our fine Canadian Country side. We Canadians cannot tolorate seeing those Royal Family extended family members violate their Mandates under the colour of law.

Someone Has Raped one of our sisters!

Declaration by King Neptune (aka Byron Prior) of Newfoundland, Canada

Declaration by King Neptune (aka Byron Prior) of Newfoundland, Canada

CHILD RAPE! Leads to Government Cover-up of DNA Evidence:

The Blog about the Problem; to be a judge you have to be a lawyer and you need some higher ranking politcians like Justice Ministers to back you up. The problem is when judges are raping and pilaging our Canadian country side then the politician the one's who are to keep judges in check typicially let their friends they have appointed as judges let them run free instead of throwing their friends in the Slammer! Story by Eddie Achtem

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Child Rape Leads to Government Cover-Up of DNA Evidence!

This was NOT Newfoundland's Government who Put my HERO in the physc-ward Slammer. It is Justice Orr, Hickman's buddy who's responsible for asigning Byron some special new Care Givers... Dr. Gangsters paid Liars who have been cattle proding him left, right, and dead center. They are keeping him doped Up! He is a Political Prisoner.

Alleged Pot Belly Pedofile at Large!
"Statement of Alleged Facts" of my observation of videos posted March 18th/2010 of the blog , and from;­e (old website).

Susan Prior was raped when she was only 11 years old, which resulted her giving birth to her daughter Marjorie when she was only a 12 year old.  Susan Prior's mother Harriet Prior was a hooker for many years in Grand Banks Newfoundland.  Harriet Prior had a reputation for pimping out her daughters as child hookers too.  Byron Prior the oldest of the 11 sibling family was the father figure.  Byron and his siblings are eye witnesses to the fact that T. Alex Hickman was a client of their mother's.  Byron Prior is the eye wittness of alleged events which lead to his 11 year old sister being raped by T. Alex Hickman and Byron has been sticking to his gun for over 40 years.

The truth behind Newfoundland's DARKEST secret is behind the results of a "DNA Test" of T. Alex Hickman's and Marjorie Anistein's (Prior). It's a stone that has went unturned ever since DNA evidence became availble.  Just like going on the Maury Popich Show, "how much more simple could it have been, instead of wasting countless man hours on a bugus RCMP investigation that appears to be Cover-Up.  A vast amounts of tax payer dollars on a bogus RCMP cover-up of DNA evidence type of investigation to let an alleged child sex preditor run free, because he was a judge and he was a Justice Minister prior to being NFLD's top judge.  The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland.  And because he's an extended family member of the Royal Family.  His lineage has been trace and tracked all the way back to 1166.

I suspect there few individuals from the law enforment who may been public sector crooks. Responsibe for Carrying a cover up lawlessly under the color of law.  Looks like another exciting complicated web of circumstance to map out on the Internet.  Calling the Newfound Court was a wast of time.  I supect there is a hidden agenda as why Newfoundlands court cerks, the court house staff is totally unhelpful in helping me conduct my investgation, of getting down to the Grass Roots facts of this case.  Maybe I could find a law student there to walk into the Newfoundland Court House and ask . "May I please have this? May I have that? Can you get this all prepared for me what ever? Gim-me this? gim-me that? Transcripts, Motions? Judgments? orders? exhibits? case manuals? POLICE DISCLOSURE???" Ask for everything? Calling them on the phone is a complete waste of time.  I suspect they all maybe intimidated by a BossHogg type character.  Because to loose a job in Newfoundland could mean a much harder time finding a new job for Newfounlanders than most other places in Canada. Everyone knows Newfoundlanders DO NOT want the get FIRED from their jobs!

Intuition tells me that there maybe some serious BossHogg type characters in back woods behind the Bench... or something to that respect or even some crazy there who thinks he's Sherrif of Nottingham from the Robin Hood movie.  Yeah it gives me the CREEPs. I feel there is some villians out there... The thought of how villians carry out oppressing a Super Hero to clean it all up, for sticking up for his little sister who was raped.

Yeah this needs to be monster case more than on Blogs and YOU TUBE.  Perhaps I could sell someone on my idea, and ask them to do what I do, but someone who can send this message far into the hearts of multitudes.  Then I'll say, "hey I have your first epic monster case."One alarming fact about this case is when I asked Byron's wife Audrey shortly after he was admit to the white-ward. If there was any possble way of getting the police disclosure to his Defamatory Lebel case and the old raped case when there was a jury trial. Byron radiates fine humble honest character. Perhap if he could put on good stage public rock show. Then maybe more will listen to his story.

However, Fast Eddie's will never give up on cracking this "simple DNA case".  Yeah, if any of you out in public land are reading this, and if you ever had the idea of somehow kidnpping Hickman, then tying him up in the back of your '73 Ford Station Wagon and taking him to a secret Labratory with medical staff.  Then it will not bother me.  Even if you decide to ride by his house on a horse.  To Lasow and drag him behind the horse, I would not feel one bit sorry for Hickman.  Hickman had plenty of opportunity to go on Maury Popich, and from what my 3rd party understanding he was offered the chance by Maury.  Well to bad for him for passing up a fine chance to have Maury to possibly say, "He's not the Dad!"

Judges in Canada have to be a lawyer and friends or have a relationships and or share Royal lineage, with higher ranking politicians who are extended family members to the Royal Family, to have been able to become a judges in the 1st place.  So the problem is when judges extended Royal Family members are raping and pillaging our coutry side.  All Politicians (and all appear to extended family member to the Royal family too) the one's who are to keep their friends &|family who they have appointed as judges in check.  Instead of keeping their LawLIAR buddies or family members in check, they routinely cover it up instead of throwing their buddies/family in the slammer.... Even when top judge rape our daughters.

Before Hickman became Justice Minister he worked for a private agency Marshall prosecution conducting prosecutions.  Sometime in Fall of 2009, Felix Collins become the new Justice Minister of Newfoundland.  Now the one in charge of keeping Byron Prior in the White-Ward Jail as an effort to keep Newfoundland's Darkest Secret a SECRET.  Myself along many others feel Hickman raped 11 yo Susan Prior back in Sept 1966.  Because Byron Prior the eldest child, father figure to his 11 siblings has been alledging protesting for many years that T. Alex Hickman raped his 11 yo sister, and because Hickman was formerly Newfoundland's top Chief Judge and a former Justice Minister has dodged DNA testing.  Fact is Susan Prior was raped, she gave birth to her daughter Marjorie when she was only 12.  Many Canadians along with others want Mr. Hickman to step up to the plate a cough up a DNA sample. Many of us would rather rely on the intigity of what a DNA “will” offer (period). 

If someone pointed a finger at you for being a child sexual preditor and if it took to prove you're NOT was a DNA test, wouldn't you be go to the med lab with bells on to prove your innocents?  T. Alex Hickman has not had the integrity to do so.  He has dodged having to do so for many years..  All those opperating the Newfoundland's courts are endeavouring to keep Newfoundland's Darkest Secret a Secret, which is the secret behind Alex Hickman's DNA. They have not Ordered Hickman to do DNA test comparison to Marjorie Anstein (Prior's) DNA.

I will be going on a door to door campaigne asking Stephan Harper's constituants in Calgary to asking for his REMOVAL from office Summer 2014.  Using this case, showing it off to the public asking everyone to hold Harper's feet to the fire, asking them to NOT vote for Harper.

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Story of how I was oppressed by Oragnized Crime - LawLIARs Lies Have Genuine Integrity

Affidavit Supporting the videos below can be viewed at;

The Ambush Video. Rhonda Sails's Ambush of Exhbit M to R
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